Monday, August 5, 2013

Light Box and Updates!

It feels like it has been forever since I last checked in! Grrr! Time just slips away so easily these days....

Anyways, I am here now! With some things to share! :D :D :D

I ended last week on a very productive note! (Which worked out because I had some family come into town last minute to stay the weekend.) A few people online had mentioned to me that I ought to try working with a light box of some kind... and I had thought about it once or twice before but I never got any further than THINKING about it... Haha!

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to put one of these together... All I used was a piece of foam-core, artists tape, and a piece of wax paper. My friend, Karine, had already made one for herself... and I've seen various ones online- so I had a good idea of what I was doing to begin with. Here are a couple images I took inside the box...

As expected, I am having some trouble with the light I am using. It makes my pictures look warmer than what it actually is in real life, so I am having to edit that a little bit afterwords. But other than the temperature of the lighting, it works great! The light is distributed really nicely and this works great for my current needs! :D

As for what I am currently working on.... I started some pumpkins! :D :D :D

I am really happy with these... and I am diving into Autumn minis HEAD FIRST! Fall is truly my favorite season... I actually like to think that if I was a flower I would bloom in the Fall. :)

Anyways, these little guys are currently being painted and I am also making some JACK O LANTERNS. I am trying really hard to make them more realistic that last year's... so wish me luck! :D

I also want to show you guys this-

I saw this quote on a blog the other day (here) and it just kinda stuck with me. I thought I needed to hear (well, read) these words seeing as how I have been in an on-going rut. I painted this on a canvas and it is now on my wall! Nothing special, just a giant sign that I can look at and read when I need to. I thought there might be some more people out there who could use these words.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your light boxes and have thought of doing one or two myself with the idea of removeable wallpaper and flooring. Maybe use magnets to hold the wall paper up but be able to swap them out so I am not stuck with the same background. Ohhh FALL is a great time of the year...Think of all those wonderful varied colors of pumpkins. I get super excited and always have to buy the first pumpkin I see at the store. Then of course I have to go to the farmers market and find them in different shapes and colors!!! For me Fall is much more colorful and enjoyable then it being 95 - 100 degrees out. Have a great week Blake.

    1. That's what I am thinking! The wallpaper in the back is removable... thought I am hoping to come up with a better way to switch the out... the magnets sound like a fantastic idea!!

      I agree about Fall! All the great colors and weather and NO BUGS! :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing your autumn creations :)

  3. My you have been very productive! I too am making a photobox. I hope it comes out as well as yours.
    You pumpkins are adorable. And you are is...well, today! LOL

  4. I'm so glad the light box works well! :D, I got trouble with that as well, as you know. ;)

    That quote at the end, I definitely should remember!

    1. Yes! :D I will hopefully get the lighting down soon!

  5. A light box is a wonderful idea for miniature scenes. I'll have to make one soon and take better photos of my miniatures.
    Your pumpkins are great. Good luck with the jack o lanterns.
    Hugs, Drora