Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bing! Bang! Boom!

Hello all! Have you missed me yet?! I'VE MISSED YOU! Thank you all so much for the great feedback about my butterfly cane! I can't wait to show you what I used the cane for!

You might be wondering what I've been up to.... and I wish I could tell you it has been a ton of miniatures.... but that is sadly not the case. I have actually been working on twintrees! Do you remember that project? I started twintrees a few months ago with my friend, Ginia. For a while we were unorganized and it was slowing us down, so last week I decided to take over for a bit so that we could get organized because I REALLY wanted to have a nice balance between ABB and twintrees. They are both little parts of me that I really love and they are my babies! So I want them be "happy" and "healthy."

Well...... Almost as soon as I brought all of our materials to my house... that's when "the wave" hit. Some of you might know what I'm talking about... That "wave" of orders and traffic that sometimes occurs in your shop out of NOWHERE! I am in no way complaining, but oh my gosh- I was not expecting it!

We have had order after order for almost two weeks now... and it is taking all I can muster up to stay ahead! I am just now getting caught up with everything and I have a few more orders to send out. I will then try to begin working on a stock- that way when we do get an order (that isn't a custom one) we can have them ready to ship out!

As far as ABB, I have a few things in the works! I am just now finishing up the details for making a tutorial for another website. I also had the chance to add to my stockpile of polymer clay! There was a great sale at Micheal's Crafts this week, so I got as much clay as I could! I got what I needed for some upcoming ranges I want to make. I was going to wait to start on holiday miniatures... but let's face it- I LIVE for the holidays! They are always my favorite type of miniatures to work on, so as far as ABB is concerned- all other projects are being set aside to work on some new things!

I apologize if this post is a bit all over the place! I have been working pretty much every waking hour and hope to soon settle into a balance between the different projects I have going on.

Thanks for stopping by!