Friday, July 12, 2013

this week at the bazaar!

It's Friday already?!?!?! Where does the week go?! I feel like just yesterday I post last week's wrap up!

Oh well! Lately there is always something going on at the Bazaar so let's get to it!

1.) Today I tried my hand at making a butterfly cane! Not only was it more complicated than I expected, it took forever! Haha!

This wasn't just something random, either. There is a shop that opened up in town called The Blu Butterfly. I met the owner some time ago through Etsy when I was playing around with Etsy shop banners and stuff. I made her a whole branding package and we have still ~kinda~ kept contact over this whole time.

Anyways, I made this cane so that I could make some earrings and pins and maybe even some charms or beads - all for The Blu Butterfly! This is actually the practice cane, but I am gonna make some example pieces with it so I can go show the owner and see what she thinks!

These almost look like drawings to me... which makes me like them even more!

I still want to play around with what I can do with the cane. Like I said before: earrings, pins, beads, charms, magnets (?).... Anyone have any other ideas?

2.) I also practiced my pumpkins this week! (Shout-out to Jenny who loves pumpkins!) I made them different colors other than orange because I want to have a wider variety this year than I did last year - I can't wait to start on Autumn minis!

3.) We also can't forget about my little watermelons! Which, by the way are listed HERE in my Etsy shop.

4.) There was also the Ombre Cakes and Sprinkle Cakes from the beginning of the week!

5.) I also have been practicing on some fruit! I am having a lot of fun with these, most likely because I have never made many fruits before- so you can expect some fruits to be listed in the Etsy shop soon! Haha! But only after I am happy with how everything looks. In this next image I was playing around with the translucency, hue, and size of each fruit.

6.) I also got a request on Etsy for a set of custom cake boxes. The customer wanted a teal box with little white stars- here is what I came up with!

7.) I know I already made one point about the fruit, but one thing I am SUPER happy with is my blueberries and the little basket! I can't wait to make more of these and have them sitting on my produce stand!

8.) I cut my hair! Yes, by "I cut my hair" I mean I CUT IT MYSELF. I don't know how practical it is, but I prefer to cut it myself because I hate going to the barber JUST to get almost all my hair cut off and thrown away. I know this is kinda irrelevant... but... it still happened this week! Hahaha!

UGH. Notice the little lock of hair over on the side. Hey.. I said I cut it, I didn't say anything about brushing it. HAHAHA. Also, I am beginning to hate the color of my room. I love green and brown and it suited me when I painted it a few months ago, but I am ready for something different. Something lighter. Maybe a project for the coming week!? :D

Well, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Until next time!


  1. Great week! I think your butterfly cane is ready to go now! What about butterfly shirt buttons with shanks on the back? She can make that her business shirt! Your fruit is perfect and your cakes...mmm. Yes, I know they are clay...still mmmm. LOL! You nailed that cake box and you are still a little cutie haircut and all. :-)

    1. Thank you so much!

      Buttons are a FANTASIC idea! And since the store I am wanting to offer them to is a vintage store... it might could be a cool way to replace missing buttons!

      And thanks about the haircut! :D

  2. YEAH PUMPKINS!!!!!! You know its true one can never have too many pumpkins. Or fall weather especially when its 98 outside. 8-) The blueberries and basket look great and good for you for cutting your own hair. I also color mine myself $8 verses $80-100 YIKES!! Now if I can only get that vacuum attachment that sucks your hair up and has the scissor slot so you just cut at the one length and zoom...cut hairs are in the vacuum bag. DONE!! Have a great weekend Blake.

    1. Exactly! Autumn is by far my favorite season! All this hot weather lately has been making me miserable!!

      I know right?! Hair care can be SUPER expensive... so I can admire saving some whenever you can! And the bit about the vacuum reminds me of that video on youtube where the dad puts his little girl's hair in a pony tail using a vacuum! haha! Who knew a vacuum could be a hair styling tool?!?!

  3. Nice cane! I like doing canes too, it's so exiting =) My most complex cane was a tree, for some plates, that one took forever too =) But it looks so much easier than this one, so I can only imagine the work behind this =)
    And I do cut my own hair too =) And I love the colour on your wall in the back, my absolute favourite colour =) So don't repaint that one ;) (like it matters what a complete stranger tells you what to do...)

    1. Thank you so much! Plates are a GREAT idea! I will definitely add that one to the list!

      I actually might just keep one of my green walls an an accent wall! I just want the overall look in my room to be lighter. I will hopefully tackle all that in the next few days and let you know what I decide! :D

  4. Good luck with your butterfly canes. The videos always make it look so easy but I have been practicing with some leaf canes (in prep for some feather canes) and I can tell you... it is not!! LOL

    It's a good thing my time is free and the clay is cheap (especially with a coupon) Practice , Practice and practice some more.

    1. Thank you! Yeah.... the videos I have watched make it look like a breeze!

      And I agree! I can always use the scraps for the base of something else- it won't be seen anyways! :D :D :D

  5. The butterfly cane would make wonderful mini plates :)

    1. You're right! It would be much easier than trying to paint them.... Great idea! :D

  6. Blake, here's a quick butterfly cane tutorial you might be interested in! :-)

    1. Woah! Thank you so much, Tabitha! I will bookmark that and come back to it if the shop owner likes my proposal! (and maybe if she doesn't, I will still make another one for fun!)