Friday, June 28, 2013

This Week at the Bazaar ~ 10 Things

The best way for me to get into a productive mood is to put some music on and just start working. Sometimes I make things that I love, and other times I make things that I know I would never ever show anyone because they are THAT bad. BUT! Here are 10 reasons this was a productive week at the Bazaar!

1.) I got this picture! AHHH. I have been feeling a little on the sad side because my photos were starting to move backwards, but I think it was because I was in that funk. But now I GOT MY GROOVE BACK, YALL. Not to mention, the cake. MMM. Love me some cake.

2.) The fireplace just keeps coming along! Right now it has been painted and the wood parts have been stained. (Don't have a picture of that yet.)

3.) I have begun a little work in the library! (Very little, though.) I started to play around with the awkward space here... I was going to make it a wall where you see the banisters, but I actually like this better. I think it will leave the bottom two floors open and airy- just like I like them!

4.) I have been sleeping better! YES. FINALLY. I have a bad habit of watching TV into the wee hours of the morning... and then sleeping until wayyyyyyy passed noon. This week, I managed to get to sleep by at least 12!

5.) I made a lot of progress on my breads! Not only have a made a good bit, I think they are a lot more realistic that my older ones! YAY! ^^'

6.) The hardwood floors are done! Well... kinda. I can't tell if I want to add a little shine to them. I think I do, but I will think on it a bit more. Here is a shot of it so far!

7.) The second episode of True Blood that came on this last Sunday was just another little nugget of happiness, because I still have the feeling this season will be much better than the last!

8.)Oh! And Game of Thrones is turning out to be a GREAT book. It is miles better than the TV show, because of all the little things they have to leave out in the TV show. That being said, the TV show will always be one of my favs.

9.) I have been playing around with new foods! I don't know why, but I have always been a little apprehensive to try making a new food in miniature. I guess it is just the fear of messing up- but they happens inevitably. This week I worked on some hamburgers! Yay! Here is a shot of one. ( I am still playing around with them.)

10.) Oh! I also listing some candies in my Etsy store. I put some jelly beans and also some caramel creams up! WOOT WOOT! It isn't much, but its a start!

Cheers! Here's to happy weekend and another productive week!


  1. Your house is getting wonderful, I am delighted with the wood floor.
    The breads are super realistic, good work!

    1. Thank you so much! :D I am really happy with how the floor turned out!

  2. Your happiness is rubbing off on me! Your cake looks scrumptious, your breads are nice and crusty, your burger is juicy and the fireplace is coming along nicely...what else can a person ask for? :-)

    1. Aww! Yay! Thank you!

      I know I couldn't ask for much more! :D