Saturday, June 29, 2013

Breads and Candy! Now listed on Etsy!

FINALLY! Something I can show you guys that I have up in the shoppe! I have been working for a few days now on these little guys! I wanted to offer something that I would want, which is a FULL range of breads. So here you go! Now listed HERE.

Each listing is for the 18 pieces in the image above. I would love to tell you the different types of breads, but I honestly don't know! (how shameful!)

Oh! In the next two images, check out that "rug"! Well... I have been using it as a rug. I found 2 of these at Goodwill and I was later told that they were doilies. I would REALLY love to make some of these with the crochet materials I have- so who knows? There might be A Bohemian Bazaar doily rugs in the near future?!?

Don't you just LOVE the doily?!?! I can't get enough of it!

As always, these are handmade with polymer clay to fit 1:12 scale dollhouses and displays.

Oh! I also listed some Jelly Beans and Caramel Creams! (I couldn't remember if I told you guys that yet.) Here are a couple images of those-

Well, that all for today! Again, if you are interested in any of these items you can check out my Etsy shoppe, A Bohemian Bazaar! The breads are listed HERE, the candies are listed HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!