Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mini Mail // Gifts from Kayanah Miniatures

I recently received a lovely package from my dear friend, Karine. I was so happy with my gifts that I thought I would take a minute to share with you all what was inside!

We talk via Facebook almost every day. We share projects we are working on and ask each other for advice and guidance. Since we live in different countries we don't have access to all of the same things so often we swap things we can't get a hold of ourselves! 

Karine actually made these miniature nails from headpins. HEADPINS. They totally work, but instead of hiding them inside wood I will use mine for a mini toolbox and keep them on display.

She also sent me these toy chickens. They work out to be right at 1:12th scale so they are perfect for me to model my own chickens after.

Veneer. Why have I never heard of this stuff? Here are some different kinds that her dad got for her from a previous job. These were the scraps that would have been thrown away. Like trash. UNBELIEVABLE. I especially love the marble ones!

And then came the magic. Karine made these two miniature dollhouses for me. I am currently working on a build that I will share very soon- but these are going to be PERFECT for it.

I mean... look at those stairs.

Those tiny tiny windows and doors. My huge sausage fingers.

I think I will end up decorating them with various papers. Everything will be so tiny. So incredibly tiny!! Something else that has REALLY come in handy are these little spatulas. They are so great for applying glue and mixing paints! No more glue-covered fingers for me!

You can also see a sneak peak of my chicken coop. It's just the right size for 3 or 4 mini chickens. The coop is part of a larger personal project I am working on and I will share details of that later!

Another update- I am currently working on my entry for the 2016 Creatin' Contest! I joined their Blogger Campaign and am building an artist studio. I also still wanted to enter the contest (you have to use a kit you paid for if you want to enter) so I bought a second kit and will be working on that one in secret!

Also, I am currently going through a training program for online business. It's sparked SO MUCH inspiration that I have decided to go back where it all started and revive A Bohemian Bazaar to better reflect where I am now as an artist. I hope you all decide to join me for the ride because I am so excited for what is to come!

Until next time, xoxo


  1. I love the chickens and dollhouses! What a lovely friend you have :)


  2. You have been spoiled by Karine but totally deserve it. Enjoy your lovely gifts.