Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easter Baking // 1:12 Scale Miniatures

Hey there! It has been a CRAZY year! As I talked about in my previous post- Twintrees has had some changes... and that is always the case for ABB! Things are always changing and growing. Not to mention all the things going on in my personal life... but I'll save you that series of novels. Haha!

Today I would like to share with you guys the recent Easter miniatures I have been making! This year I wanted to carry over the colors I have used in previous year's ranges into other minis!

I was recently inspired by the breads that Stephanie Kilgast teaches in her wonderful book, as well as the real-life counterparts I see on Pinterest. Though, as always I add my own little spin on things. So please take a look! I have Easter bread nests/braids/wreaths, as well as cakes and Easter eggs!

CLICK HERE to see these MINI BREAD NESTS in my Etsy shop!

Also, I found these guys! Glitter Easter Eggs I made LAST YEAR! Can you believe that? I made so many of them.... dozens upon dozens... only for them to sit in a box for a year. But no longer will they be kept in the shadows! I brought them out and shot some new pictures of them and they are now listed in my Etsy shop HERE!

Not interested in mini ornaments? That's alright! The hooks come out with a little tug and you can use them as Easter Egg Decorations! Haha!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I wish I could say when I will have the chance to make some more miniatures- but I honestly never know. I can say for sure that I miss it! Making these few miniatures was a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Oh! One more thing... look at these candles! I am SO proud of how they turned out and now I want to add candles on top of everything.... BAHAHA! But seriously. Feel free to click on the image so you can easier zoom in! These cakes are listed in my shop HERE and come with a cake slice :)



  1. Hi, sounds like a buzy year! :)
    You have made Beautiful items for Easter!

  2. wow Blake you've been really busy..I love your candles they're so cute!


  3. Love the eggs in the bread. So festive!

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)