Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Year, New Changes! // Updates

Hey there, friends! How long has it been?? Too long! A lot has been happening at ABB! It's crazy how much a new year can bring upon us... First of all- I MISS YOU GUYS! Thank you all for the constant support and love- you are very much appreciated!

The big news that I must inform you all of is that Twintrees is now 100% mine! My lovely business partner has handed the whole thing over to me! It's bittersweet to say the least... on one hand, I no longer have a partner to share the struggles, successes, and stresses with! But on the other hand I can now make the decisions myself and push the brand like I want to! No matter what, her assistance up to this point has made Twintrees what it is and will continue influence the brand for the better!

Check out the Twintrees Etsy shop to see what I have been working on!

Twintrees is catered to photographers who may want to add a little character to their client CDs. I can also make custom sleeves for weddings, graduations, and any other celebrations. The possibilities are endless! They are great for CDs of photos or music! There will soon be a Twintrees blog up and running but in the mean time feel free to Like the Facebook page, HERE!

The only effect this has on A Bohemian Bazaar is that it postpones my plans a little bit. I am currently working on a stock of sleeves for Twintrees so that I just mail them off when they sell! Once I have a decent sized stock- I am getting back to work on ABB!

Speaking of ABB... I have a lot planned for the near future, but to avoid putting the cart before the horse I will hold that news until a later date! I can say that the longer I stare at my clay on the shelf the hungrier I grow to get my hands in it!

I will try to check back in again soon! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These looks great! Nice to see what you have been working on this year =)