Monday, September 23, 2013

Works in Progress + a Craft Haul!

Firstly, those of you that responded to that last post- THANK YOU! I have been writing down the materials everyone suggested and will soon be trying out some different glazes and glosses!

It's been pretty hectic around here lately... between taking driving lessons and keeping up with all of the normal happenings, it gets difficult to set aside time to work. Well... let me put it this way- it FEELS difficult. As I am slowly starting to learn- being your own "boss" is hard. I have to be the one to lay down the law about when I will work, what I will allow myself to be pulled away from work for, and every other little thing that comes along with running a business. It's already proving to be hard, but with with people like Stephanie Kilgast and Tomo Tanaka to look up to (who both work on miniatures full time) I know I can do it!

Anyways, my main reason for today's post was to show you what I have been working on!

Here are a few pies that I just made. They don't have any glaze yet, but I am SUPER happy with them.

From left to right, there is an apple pie, a pumpkin pie (or maybe sweet potato?) and a pecan pie. I have also been working on some cupcakes! Here are some bases. I will hopefully get around to icing them within the next day or so.

With all of the failed attempts at both cupcake bases AND pie bases- this is the first time that I am happy with them. I will soon show you what the earlier attempts looked like. I know cupcakes and pies are things that a lot of miniaturists drift towards (like cakes)... but I am starting to see why. There is such a contrast in textures, shapes, and colors- that it becomes a great exercise for finding a balance among all these things. It becomes a learning experience!

I am also making some more pumpkins! Now that I have gotten a process down that gives me some pretty realistic results- I can make more! So I bought some new paint colors to try out!

Soon I will have white, tan, green, orange, and mustard colored pumpkins! (and also some black) Yay! I know it might seem like a lot of colors... but I want to be able to provide a nice variety of colors- so that they are more realistic!

As for the rest of my haul- I made out like a bandit! I got 40 packages of FIMO for 99 cents each! I was BEYOND lucky because I was just at Micheal's Crafts by chance, when my mom pointed out the price. She asked, "Is that a good price for that?" - And I grabbed as much as I could.

You can also see in the picture above that I got some beads, a scrapbook punch, and some miniatures. I have never seen miniatures at Micheal's, so maybe this means they will soon start selling them? *fingers crossed*

 I also found this SUPER cute wagon. I want to rust it up and maybe add some words to it to display some things in.

Well... that's all for today! I will be back soon so share how my pies, cupcakes, and pumpkins turn out. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Madre mía. No paras de trabajar. Me encantan las magdalenas. Besos


  2. You are so talented. Your pies are perfect and they don't even have glaze on them yet.

  3. Blake, I can't believe how ultra tidy you are. I suppose that's what comes from running your own business.
    You know you should put your company name on that wagon...maybe make it look old and start pushing your franchise name out there. It works for Nunu ;0)
    Love the pies by the way =0)

    1. I was thinking of that! I just need to figure out how to get my name on the wagon! ^^

      And thank you, Pepper! :D

  4. Hi Blake, love your pies and your idea for the wagon. You can buy print your own water decal paper. Print your logo then seal with spray varnish then add like a water decal. Try crafty computer paper .com. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie!
      I will check out that website, thanks for the tip! :)


  5. I like Peppers idea with your name on the cute wagon! Maybe you can print it on some special paper, isn't there paper for printers that is like plastic so that you can see trough it, and have printed letters on?! Or, if you are a good painter, you can paint it straight on to the wagon with a thin brush =)
    And that apple-pie, it looks real tasty!

    1. I like it, too! I think I will try it with a few things, along with the wagon.

      Thanks, Hannah! :)

  6. The flans are marvellous. Love the little red wagon full of pumpkins.

  7. I love those pies, they look very tasty, and all those squashes too! thanks for sharing them with us

  8. Thanks for your blog As for the rest of my haul- I made out like a bandit! Car Stickers