Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shingles and Moss! - Part 1

I have been kinda stuck the last day or so. I don't have any more egg cartons for brick-work and I don't have any enough wood strips to do the flooring right now! And I also haven't had a chance to get any wallpaper! Eek!

Well, it takes more than that to stop me! I remembered that my shingles have been drying for a while now, so I started hanging them on the roof last night! I am back at it today and it is a slow-going process...

Here is how she is looking so far! I have the front side of the roof done, and the glue is now drying. I also finished the top... err.... room? I don't know what to call this... Oh well. It will later serve as a storage room, so I will refer to it as the rooftop storage. :D

Here is an image of the front of the roof.

Here is how the whole thing looks so far. I like the variation in colors- it looks old and worn like I like it, but I do think it is a little too light. I think when all of the shingles are up I will go back over them with a couple dark washes. I think the overall look of the house will look better with a darker roof.

I also need to set some shingles aside for the trim- to clean up the corners. I want to bend them like this...

I will also make the ones on the corners rounded, like this. 

And this-

Oh! I picked up this the other day at Hobby Lobby. I liked the shade of green and this will be my moss! I am not sure what else I would use and I didn't see anything else in Hobby Lobby.

There are a few spots on the roof where I can tell the gaps in between the shingles is a little too wide, so I will just cover some of them up with the moss!

Now, as I was searching for patterns of how and where moss would grow, I came across "moss graffiti." Sounds weird, huh? Well it looks AMAZING. Here are some images I found.

Found Here
Source Unknown

Found Here

Found Here
I was thinking... wouldn't this be a nifty idea to incorporate into miniature???? I mean, I think it would look just plain MAGICAL if there was like... moss growing around the foundation of the house, and some on the roof, and then have moss graffiti on the side of the house! :D Don't get me wrong, I don't want to do something where it looks like a swamp monster rubbed up against the side of my house or anything- but something subtle. :) I just though I would share this with you guys! I thought it was very creative and I think it  will suit my house just fine. :3

Now I am back to shingles! I have the two sides of the roof to go, and then I can move on. :D I love the way they look, but GOSH. It takes SO long.


P.S. - I just finished one side roof, but I ran out of shingles... so... more staining! 


  1. Loving the shingles! Moss is great to hide a multitude of mistakes and gaps LOL. I have found any of the turf products work well for moss.


    1. Ahahaha! My thoughts exactly! Only hope is- I hope there is enough moss! Lol!


    2. Lovely shingles, can't wait to see the moss ! And The moss graphiti you've found are definitely super inspiring ! Thanks so much for sharing !

    3. Thank YOU! I'm glad you like everything! :)

  2. What wonderful looking shingles! The streaking is very effective, not to mention extremely attractive. Amazing how color has a way of transforming things. The touches of moss will be most effective, giving it an "old," been there forever apprearance. I missed yesterday's entry. What excitement! Everyone loves gifts, even at Halloween. You are going to have many hours of pleasure as you transform your tiny treasures into mini heirlooms. I can hear your excitement! Enjoy, that is what Life is all about. You have to keep those endorphins flowing, no matter what.

    1. Haha Thanks! I really like how the roof is coming along! Thank you so much for your comment! :D

  3. LMAO.. a swamp monster brushes up against a house and leaves a dirty message in moss! I can just imagine what the owners would think if that happened in IRL HAHAHAHA


    1. BAHAHAHA, yeah. Talk about supernatural! :)