Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gifts from Victoria! (Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum)

IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS! Only... Halloween time! OH GOSH, what if we gave gifts on Halloween like we do on Christmas????? Wouldn't that be amazing!! Anyways.... Moving on!

The other day I received a wonderful package in the mail! It was from Victoria, over at Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum!

So let's get to it! The first thing I opened up was this wonderful cabinet!

I think I am going to leave this one as is! Victoria let me know to feel free to turn these pieces into my own, and I sure will! This next piece- I think I might paint it! :D

And then when I picked up something heavy I was like, "What... on earth..." and I unwrapped it to find this! A metal desk! I love the flower details on it and I think I will paint this also :) I think this will look good in a certain area in the house I am building now... but that project is a surprise, so you will have to stick around to see what I will use it in! :D :D :D

There was also this half circle table. I think I may also have a place for this in my current project. In the living area! I see a phone, lamp, picture frame.... maybe even some knick-knacks on it! By the door, maybe!

Then there are these two lovely chairs! I like the detail on the back, and I think I may repaint these as well... and also redo the cushion! I love the patterned fabric that is on there now, but I have something in mind that will be better suited for the current build.

Now here are some smaller items.... that I just LOVE. Okay, here are some skull beads she dropped in the package! I think it would be cool to make these look a little more aged... and then use them as candle holders!

And THIS. Oh gosh. I just... Okay. Victoria, I am sure you didn't know this, I mean... how could you? But deer are one of my favorite animals. I believe this is a deer.... If not, I am going to pretend it is. Anyways, I would LOVE to repaint this and use it as a small statue! With the eclectic feel I am going for in my house, this is just PERFECT.

I took two pictures of this because I love it so much. It just blows my mind how this little thing can make me so happy! I want to have random nature-related items throughout all of my work and this is just.... so... perfect! Ahh! I can't stress that enough!

And lastly I got these little guys! MICE. Little. White. Mice. :D I love them! I could use them as Halloween decorations as is, or I could fur them! I think they are close enough to scale for it to be believable!

That's all of it! Thanks, again Victoria! Your package was VERY generous and oh so perfect! I can't wait until I get further along with my house and I am able to use these items!

ALSO, I don't know if you guys noticed... but... I have started with the shingles! That is what is in the background of some of these images. :) I will make a post later about those, though!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out Victoria's blog, Dark Squirrel's Miniature Asylum! She also has an Etsy store and a Facebook page! She makes spooky and fantasy miniatures and has inspired me to start making some of my own whimsical fantasy items! But those will come along later. :)



  1. what a haul, Victoria has been very nice to me as well. she's a wonderful person

    have fun with your house ;)


    1. Yeah! She is really generous and kind! I am so grateful for all of my gifts. :)

      Thanks, Marisa!

  2. You are so Welcome Blake! I am glad you can use some of my overflow, all old miniaturists have things we keep but will never use. I really enjoy your blog and your enthusiasm for miniatures.

    Big Hugs,

    1. *HUG*

      Everything is very appreciated! I don't think I would have been doing this for this long if it wasn't for the few that have kept pushing me on! Thank you for that!