Monday, October 1, 2012

Gifts in the mail! Yay!

I LOVE GETTING THINGS IN THE MAIL. It is like Christmas! Or my birthday! Which... it actually will be my birthday soon! This is what a VERY dear friend sent me in the mail for my birthday coming up. Thanks, Kaya! 

She gave me a little collection of supplies and findings that are just perfect! They are all things that I have either never seen before or can't ever find!

Here is a looksie at everything she sent me! It was packaged very safely! Well done, Kaya!

She gave me 11 sheets of this gold adhesive paper! I honestly have no idea what I am going to use it for, but I CAN'T WAIT TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING!

She also sent me some wonderful tiny silver champagne glasses! I will TOTALLY use these soon! I never find glasses around where I live and now I can use these to display with my miniatures!

She also sent me a bag of these little nails... I was NOT expecting anything like this, but I know I can use them for something! I still have a lot to do on my dollhouse, so these will come in handy soon!

She also sent me some of these little dishes! I can't wait to display some stuff in them. I could even paint them!

I was also thinking I could turn one into a bird bath... paint it to look like stone and add a pedestal! 

And these.... I have no idea where she found these, but THEY ARE JUST WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! They are itty bitty baggies. They only an inch tall! For those of you who have wanted loose candy corn... these baggies might have made that possible! Once I make a lot of candy corn I could measure it out and put them in these baggies.

This was SUCH a wonderful gift to find on my doorstep when I came home today! My friend and I drove almost 2 hours to go to a concert that we have been looking forward to for three weeks... and it got canceled! Well... postponed. The band won't be coming until the end of October. So basically we went all that way for nothing!

We did manage to stop at an antique mall and I bought 3 antique spoons! I am going to have them turned into rings. Anyways, I just wanted to share my PERFECT gifts! I think I will start doing trades or something like this more often. I have started getting some things together for Kaya and we want to make this a regular thing! Thanks again, Kaya, for all the great stuff! I just KNOW I will be using it all really REALLY soon!

Well, I'm off to bed! I gotta get up early tomorrow and get back to work!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


  1. Hello, Blake!
    Very nice and useful the gifts you received!!!
    It´s really nice to have cool friends!!!
    I love to make new friends!!!
    I visit your dear blog everyday!
    I invite you to visit my blog to, and only if you wish you can be my follower too.
    I love your work! Have a nice week!!!
    Hugs from your Brazilian blogfriend...

  2. Kaya is very generous; these are wonderful gifts.
    Bye Faby

  3. I would be thrilled to pieces to trade with you Blake! Let me know sweets! BIG Hugs!

    1. Aww! Yay! That might be something I consider in the near future!