Sunday, October 7, 2012

Almost Done! (with the stacked pumpkins!)

Well I basically had the pumpkins themselves done yesterday. I managed to finish all the sculpting and I was even able to add some paint details to them!

Today I was working on the accessories. I made hats and brooms!

I will give details about each part of this guy's ensemble tomorrow! Basically the hat and broom are both handmade from mixed media! I am hoping it won't be cloudy tomorrow so I can get some good pictures!

Here are a few more images I took today while I worked. (and after).

I probably shouldn't have taken so many pictures, seeing as how I will be taking a lot tomorrow for the listing, but I couldn't help myself!

I think the broom and hat really brings everything together and makes him look complete!

Oh! And Kathi sent me a really great link to some lights that I might be able to use, but as I was looking at these guys I realized that it would be REALLY hard to put the lights in now... so I will sell these as they are and then make some more later after I experiment with the lights!

Doesn't he look just so happy with his hat on?!?!? Well... I am off to finish up some more hats and brooms! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

P.S. All packages will be places in the mail tomorrow! The post office has had some crazy hours this weekend and every time I go by there they are closed! Ahh! Haha!


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    1. Yes! Haha The snowman was the inspiration for this piece!