Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NEW Cake! - Halloween Spread Preview!

Hello everyone!!!!! I told you I was working on something new! From now on I am going to try to start making "spreads" for each season/holiday. I am currently working on things for the coming Halloween season! Here is a little sneak peek into what I have been working on...

Here is a closer shot...

I am currently making this same cake in three other colors. It will be available in green (as shown), orange, purple, and chocolate. It will also be available with chocolate or classic vanilla cake! Each cake will include the cake, two cake slices, and also a spare candle that looks like it has been removed from one of the slices.

I would REALLY like some feedback, you guys! I am so happy that a lot of people liked my candy corn, and as soon as I get plenty of things made I will list it all on Etsy!

This is the first time I have ever made a miniature icing tip for my cakes and I think it turned out really nice! I will post pictures of the tips I made later! :)

Thats all for today! I hope you all are doing very well!


P.S. The Bazaar is coming along great! I am gathering supplies so that I can finish the outside and I will try to go get some wallpaper soon for the inside!


  1. wait, you made the icing tips yourself?
    I have some real cake icing tips :D
    In any case the cake is pretty awesome :) And I'm just glad you left a comment, so I now know you exist ^^

    1. Yes, I made them! I couldn't find any actual tips small enough :C

      THANK YOU for following my blog!! :D It means a lot!