Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bazaar - W.I.P #3 (lots of pictures!)

This morning I actually slept in a little... Okay. A lot. I didn't wake up until 10, and I have been trying really hard to get up early! Oh well. I can only try again tomorrow. :D Haha

Anyways, here is what I had to start of with today-

And BAM. This is what I did today. Okay, it doesn't look THAT different- but its coming along just like I want!

I actually put this crackled paint all over it to make it look aged. I will soon take some further steps to make The Bazaar look old, but this was the first step. Here are a few close-ups.

For the corners, I want to do some sort of trim. Maybe with brick? I am not 100% sure yet.

I also started some prep work for the windows and the shingles.

The windows come in pieces like this (image below). I have to put the frames together, and there is a separate frame for the inside AND outside. So there are.... 16 frames? Yeah. Haha It might take a while...

These next few pictures are of how I am preparing the shingles. This is how the instructions told me to do it, so don't give me too much credit. I think it is a really cool way to do it. You just take a milk jug...

Draw a line through the middle right below the handle...

Then you cut it in half! 

THEN you make (or buy) your stain. I just mixed acrylic paint and water. I am pretty cheap, so WE MAKING OUR OWN STAIN HERE, OKAY. :)

You just pour your stain in the bottom half of your milk jug.

And then soak your shingles! I am going to leave these in here for about an hour... if they don't look dark enough I will leave them in there longer. WE SHALL SEE.

I will take more pictures tomorrow of what you do with the other half of your milk jug!

Well that's all for today! I hope you guys like the wall. OH YEA! Here is a little preview of some minis I am starting to work on...

CANDY CORN! I have to work on fixing the colors.. the yellow needs to be toned down and the orange does a little, too...

I am also working on some packaging for these little guys! I will experiment with that tonight.
Thanks so much for checking in, have a blessed day!!


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  1. Beautiful house. I like the color of the door.
    Bye Faby