Monday, April 18, 2016

Fairy Garden Challenge | Pt. 1

I want to start this post off by saying up front I have no practice with plants. I wouldn't say I have any green in my thumbs whatsoever so this should be interesting. Pray for the plants. I was recently challenged by HBS to try my hand at a fairy garden! The requirements were simple- incorporate miniatures and incorporate live plants. Again- pray for the plants.

I started my garden by removing the plants from the pots. I have no idea what these plants are, but I did keep the little spikes so I know where to keep them and how often to water them! I gently separated the bunches of plants and made sure to keep as much soil as I could.

Then I prepped my bowl. I found this for $1 at Marshall's on the clearance aisle. Score!

Then I started arranging my plants. I figured it was pretty straight forward. Soil, plants, decorations. I didn't add any means of drainage to this because this will be a temporary fixture. Once the plants grow a bit bigger I'll transplant them. Will they get bigger? Does anyone else know?! We'll see in time, I guess!

More arranging! Then it was time for some miniatures! At first I thought I wanted a place for the fairies to rest. Surely their wings get tired from all that flying around? But wouldn't you want a snack, too?

Since I just happened to finish my morning tea I thought they would admire these little mugs. These are actually made by a local ceramic artist. Her name is Michelle and she is SUPER talented. I took some pottery lessons from her and she is really nice as well!

Then I remembered how much fairies love sweets. Luckily the Sweet Shoppe had some freshly made goodies that I knew the little sprites would enjoy.

These ADORABLE glass cake stands and the glass canister can by found at - I might have bought a boxful so that I can always make a miniature spread of sweets. You just NEVER know when a flock of fairies might stop by. Or a herd of pixies. Gotta stay prepared!

Cakes. Gumdrops. Macarons. I think that'll do for now!

But now I'm torn. I can do the bench OR the sweets, but not both because I don't have enough room in this container. However, I do have more plants...

Looks like I'll have my hands in the dirt again! I'll be back soon with more fairy garden goodness.


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  1. Hi Blake! Just saw your video with MayMay and had to stop by here and check things out. I just wanted to leave you a comment about your dilemma over the bench or the sweets. Can you leave a tray of sweets on the bench? Or try to remember in Fairy Land, they tend to pick up small little "broken" pieces that they find from the human world that they can use in their world. They also use acorn caps for water cups or bowls for your sweets. Small twigs or stumps they can sit on. Your very talented from what I have seen so far, so take these hints and run with it and maybe you can get both items in the scene.