Friday, November 8, 2013

Having Some fun at the Bazaar! // Contest Entry + ABB Crafts

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! I am starting to wind down from the never-ending cane slicing! Haha! If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE. I am only about half-way through slicing them up, but I can only take so much for now! :D

I wanted to take a minute to share a little bit of the fun I have been having here at the Bazaar! Firstly, I want to share some detail shots of an entry I have for a contest over at semi-sweeties! They just made the wonderful achievement of reaching 2000 members, so to celebrate they are holding a "party" themed contest! How fun is that?! I figured I would take the opportunity to make some new things that I haven't had the chance to get around to.

Firstly, I played around with the cake! This is my first tiered cake! I got some more practice on icing as well.

These are also the first cakes stands, macaroons, and cake topper that I have ever made!

My entry wasn't terribly complex, but I had a lot of fun making it and I am excited (as always) to see the other entries! Now, I also wanted to share my fox masks I made for Halloween! Ginia and I waited around until last minute (of course) and I ended up whipping these guys together in under a few hours. I'm quite proud!

 Ginia's fox mask had a festive orange bow on her head!

 While my mask came along with a mushroom pin that I stuck on to my shirt!
All of the elements are made from felt, but with a little playing-around I was able to make it look like fur!

And in the end, I even added whiskers! The party we went to had a costume contest- we didn't win- but I had a ton of fun prancing around in these!

Now! Back to work! Muahahaha! (evil laugh) I still have tons of canes to slice up!


  1. If I ate cake, that would be the cake I wanted to eat! Lol and I love your masks! Really great work. Such talent. x

  2. Wowwow, that cake is gorgeous, it is very difficult to understand that it is your First! Love it with all the stunning details!
    Those felted masks look so fun!

  3. The cake looks great! And I really like the cake topper! Great work (as usual ;) )

  4. The chocolate frosting is making my mouth water! Great projects and great photos.

    1. Ahahaha! I do the same as I work on things! Thanks, Troy! X