Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Work-Space / Sketching Ideas

Before I start talking about the way I plan out my miniatures, I want to thank everyone who has been responding to my most recent posts. I am thoroughly enjoying sharing my experiences on working on a small business from home- along with all that goes along with it. I have started to realize that this blog (and my business) is growing and changing into something I never really expected... but this is a fantastic thing for me.

Now... on the the point of today's post! Today I wanted to share just why I work in waves... You know, one week I have a ton of miniatures to share- but then there is a week or two where it seems as if I have fallen off the face of the earth. The truth is... I am still figuring out what works best for me. Up to now I have been making whatever I fancy making whenever I fancy making it. This is fine... sometimes. However, I would like to slowly start making "spreads" or "lines" of miniatures.

Lately when I start off with an idea for a "range" of items, I will sketch them out. I have been scouring as many resources as I can. I really love looking through magazines, blogs, and Pinterest. I can take a simple design or idea and then alter it to fit my theme. I sorta did this for Halloween last year- where I had candy, doughnuts, and cakes all color coordinated. Right now I am working on a contest entry for Semi-Sweeties. Semi-Sweeties is a group over on deviantART.com that focuses on miniature foods. They just made the wonderful achievement of making it to 2000 members! To celebrate, they are having a "party" themed contest!

For my party, I will make things with the color scheme of gold, white, a little silver, and of course- kraft. I will make a mixture of sweets and I am working on making a small table from scratch. I wanted to stop what I was doing because I thought it would be something interesting to share here on the blog. So, this is really it... I take a while gathering ideas and inspiration and then I can sit down and work on the actual miniatures with no worries! :) I have a lot of ideas in my sketchbooks, so hopefully I will be able to make them come to life in the near future!

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  1. I love to sketch too, but my sketches are not as beautiful as yours =) You have great sketches! I collect pictures in a slideshow on my computer too, for inspiration =) Looking forward to see what you will make of this sketches =)