Monday, September 2, 2013

My Work-Space 9.2.2013

Firstly, I'd like to wish a happy Labor Day to all of my friends here in the states! :) My family is spending the day playing board games and we are having a little fish fry tonight!

I pulled myself away from the torment thrills of my horrible acting for the game of Cranium to start working on a little commission I recently got and to share some parts of my work-space!

At the moment I have two fold-out tables in the corner of my bedroom. One is a little shorter than the other, they both wobble whenever I use my pasta machine, and they are kinda an awkward height so I have to sometimes put things in my chair to sit on to sit at a comfortable height- BUT I love having desk space in front of and beside me. It just makes sense!

Sometimes I like to pretend like my room is an actual store... I like to display things as if they were set out for customers- even though I know that no one will ever be coming in to my room to browse for things to buy (awkwarrrrrrrrrrrrd). These little knick-knack shelves are perfect for what I need! The shelves are only a couple inches tall and there are lots of them, so I have plenty of displaying options.

This is currently how my stock of jack o'lanterns look, but I hope to find more shelves like this and start hanging them on the walls. I will soon be surrounded by dozens upon dozens of miniatures... *heaven.*

The picture above is normally how my work area can be seen (plus a HUGE HORRIBLE MESS OF CREATIVE CHAOS). I did manage to straighten up a little for you guys! *hug*

As you can see, I have two glass chess/checker boards. They are PERFECT for working with polymer clay because they can easily be cleaned and they are small enough to keep your mess clay in a restricted area. I also have two cutting mats. I don't really use the large one for making any miniatures, but the small I use all the time. It is divided into inches, but then divided again into quarters of an inch. This really helps when I need to get a better grasp on the scale of what I am making.

There are various other objects laid out, but I will get to those later! My work-space is calling my name. There is candy to be made and jack o'lanterns to be painted!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Did anyone think that the images from my last post looked funny? I have been told a couple times that my jack o'lanterns looked a little blue... but I didn't notice because I know that they are green and it's hard for me to tell by the images on the screen. I will probably retake those images for the Etsy listings, but I can assure you all that they are totally green! :)


  1. First of all; I love the new look you gave to your blog! :D

    And; wow, I'm so jealous of your workspace! lol Much more functional than my 3' x 3'

    1. Thank you! I thought the blog needed a little freshening up and this is all I could do for now. I'm glad you like it!

      And it's funny...because while I am working my area gets so messy I might as well just have a little bitty space to work at! Haha!

  2. What a nice workplace!! It looks very tidy ;) Mine is all messed up, so I took myself a new place in another room ;)

    And yes, they look a little blue to me.. In the last post I mean =)

    1. Thank you! I can assure you it is normally CRAZY messy.

      And ERGH!! Thank you for letting me know! I'll re-shoot those pictures tomorrow. :C

  3. Great B & W photos! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi!
    Wonderful workspace...looks so tidy when comparet to that of mine!!! I have been cleaning my workspace now for four days and finally it is becoming better, little by little ;)

    1. Thank you, Kikka! :)

      My space is normally INCREDIBLY messy, but I am slowly getting it organized like I like! :)

  5. I always love to see other peoples work spaces! It sometimes makes me feel better about my mess... I mean creative disarray...! (Yes I think the pumpkins looked a little blue! Sometimes just changing the light source from incandescent to daylight can make the colors all appear strange! I know there are some flowers I can't ever seem to photograph "true to color"!)

    1. I feel the same way! It's also nice to see how other people keep and sort their materials and tools. And thanks for the lighting tip! I will keep that in mind on the next day I take photos! :)