Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indie Craft Parade 2013

Today I went with a few friends to the fourth annual Indie Craft Parade! Its a craft fair made up of primarily local artists or artists in the south (that I know of). I had a blast! Plus, I saw a TON of stuff and I wanted to buy it ALL.

But we know that's a bit impossible... heehee. This year I had to fight temptation like never before because I am trying my hardest to save up for a few things- supplies, camera lens, etc. Bummer, right? AND since I didn't take my camera with me - like a goofball - I don't have any of my own pictures to share with you. Grrr!

One thing is for certain. I want need will try my hardest to get a booth for next year! I think my work would really stand out, but I think it will coordinate with the style of the festival. Does anyone have any advice for preparing for a craft fair? I mean... I know it's a year away, but you can never be TOO prepared. Right?

Just to show you SOMETHING else- here are a few images I found on the Indie Craft Parade Blog-

It was such a treat to be able to see all of these artist's work in person! Ginia got two necklaces, Rachel got a bagful of t-shirts, and Mary got an art print, some postcards, and a terrarium!

This is all some pretty great stuff, right?!? You can follow the Indie Craft Parade blog, HERE. They are already on my list. :)

Photos found HERE and HERE.

The parade is still going to be open tomorrow, if any of you guys would like to check in. Now that I think about it... Do I have any followers that are in South Carolina?

Anyways,  the parade is open tomorrow from 11 - 5.

As for me... I am going to be working on some more miniatures tomorrow! And I am going to make a plan for craft fairs. I think I would really love to actually hand someone a miniature and see their reaction in person. :)

I hope you are all doing fantastic! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. In Greenville? How the heck did I miss that? Have you ever been here: ?

    Why not do a mini cake class at Hobby Lobby on Woodruff Rd? I would come!

    1. ..................... No, I haven't?!

      I live closer to the one on Calhoun Memorial Hwy! YOU LIVE THAT CLOSE?! That's such a crazy coincidence! Hahaha!