Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter! (a late one) + GREAT NEWS!

Hello everyone! Gosh, have I missed you all!!!
Well... there is a lot of news to be shared! First of all, I have listed some new items! I have made some of these really awesome Glitter Egg Ornaments!
Each egg is hand sculpted, decorated, and they each have silver hooks! If you are interested in purchasing some Glitter Egg Decorations, click HERE!
I have also been making some more Tweets! These little guys were a big hit last year and I just HAD to make some more. I love making them, and I think they brighten up Spring displays very well!

I did change them up a bit... I added a new color! GREEN! The addition of the green Tweets rounds out the colors and makes the entire set look great!

If you are interested in purchasing some of these, the listing is HERE. Each purchase is for 1 set of Tweets and each set comes with 4 marshmallow chicks and a box. Speaking of- there were a few changes to the box as well! I altered the dimensions and I also made them KRAFT! I don't know if I'm just on some kraft-kick lately, but I love the way it looks! It has so much texture and it makes the Tweets just POP!

I also picked up a little wooden man at the craft store. He is somewhat pose-able and he is about 4 inches tall. I have been having a lot of fun taking pictures of him! :D Haha!

I apologize if any of you guys wanted Tweets BEFORE Easter... I know that would have made the MOST sense, but I have been really busy!

I may have mentioned this once before on here, but a shop opened up in town called Artists View. It is a place for local artists to make and sale their work. I am currently renting some studio space and I am also selling miniatures in the store! If anyone is in the area, feel free to walk in! I am there most of the time when I am not at school or out of town! Here is a sneak peek at my work area-

I am still trying to get it organized and stuff. I literally took all of my supplies to the studio so that I can work there without a problem! I will update everyone really soon about everything because I am now offically on SPRING BREAK! :D :D :D

Like I said, its spring break so I have the whole week to do what I want! And you all know what that is.... MINIATURES! I would also like to paint some before the week is over, but hey.... I don't want to ask for too much. Hahaha!
Well, it's getting late and I need some sleep! I hope everyone is doing well and being creative!


  1. Wow, Blake! How cool minis!
    I loved the contrast of old boxes with glitter tweets. ;)
    Hope you had a great Easter Sunday!
    A big hug.

    1. A big hug back!:D

      Thanks so much, and I hope yours was great, too!

  2. :D Love those tweets, was sorry I didn't get some last year; thanks for making them again :D

    1. Thanks for getting some! They will be on their way to you soon! :D :D :D :D

  3. a belated happy easter to you, those peeps are very cute and congrats on your new work space :)


  4. Happy Easter.
    I like your Easter pieces.
    Greetings, Faby

  5. Both items are super cute. Anything with glitter is fabulous. I wouldn't be able to choose one colour...I'd need a mixed pack! IndyPoppy

    1. Ahahaha! I have some extra, maybe I will put some mixed sets together! :D Haha!

  6. Glad to see your new posts..really loving the photography as well. Still looking forward to our trade ..have a few small pieces made but I still don't know what MAIN piece to make..let me know so we can do this okay!!?! Much love and hugs!

    1. Love and hugs to you as well! I hope to talk to you again soon! I have been super duper busy! :D