Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stacked Pumpkin Jack O'Lanterns (finally) Finished!

BOO! Haha! I just love the Fall and Halloween so much! It really is one of my favorite holidays! I have actually been considering leaving the Halloween section of my shop open all year round! I could just keep Halloween alive all the time!

I FINALLY finished my stacked pumpkin decorations. I actually changed a few things from the original design.

First of all, I made them in white as well as orange!

You guys have seen a lot of these fellas lately, so you pretty much know most of the details.

The entire body is hollow, so he is very light!

I am really happy with how he looks! I gave each one a raffia bow around his neck and his lid comes of his head! Haha!

Now HERE is the new guy! This one is basically the same as the orange one, but there is a BIG difference. 

He GLOWS IN THE DARK! When you expose him to direct light, and then turn of the lights... he GLOWS!

And here are my brooms! EEHEEHEEHEHEHE <- That was my witch's cackle. Haha!

Each broom was made from mixed media found materials. Everything was cleaned very well before I put them together!

Each stacked pumpkin, both orange and white, come with the handmade broom and hand-sewn hat! The hat was made by me as well. They have a bit of a quirky look to them, so they add TONS of character to the overall piece!

That is all for today! I am off to work on some more items! All but one of my jack o'lanterns sold already, so I am going to make a few more of them! I have a few more ideas for those and I can't wait to bring those ideas to life!

I also would like to announce that I am going to start working on Christmas items after I get over my Halloween spell! I love Thanksgiving, but I probably won't put a lot of focus on it this year.

OH! A Bohemian Bazaar turns 1 at the beginning of December! I have something really special planned for that! :) My baby is growing up! It is so strange how this feels... I REALLY do feel like a dad and I am so proud at how A Bohemian Bazaar has started to form into something I can be proud of! And it only makes this experience about a million times better since I have gained so much support!

Hugs and blessings!


  1. Marvelous work all around!!! Bravo! :D

    1. Thanks, Brae! That really means a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Victoria!

      Hugs and blessings to you as well!

  3. Just adore your delicate Halloween pieces! The jacks are so sharply sculpted and the tiny details are simply delightful. You are definitely someone I will look to again and again!

  4. Blake, they look spook-tacular! Great job!

  5. I like the glow in the dark ones :)

    1. Thank you! I still have some available! ;)

  6. Hello, beautiful work, fantastic, I believe you could sell items of halloween all year, they are wonderful. I look forward to see your items for Christmas, I know it will be wonderful too! Congratulations on your blog and kisses tedu heart.

    1. Thanks, Chris! I am seriously thinking about it now!

      I am also thinking about having a fantasy section! Wizards, witches, ghosts, those kinds of things! :D