Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! My Costume For This Year!

BOO! Here is my costume for Halloween 2012! It is Dia de los Muertos inspired! (Day of the Dead) What little I know of the holiday, I learned in my Spanish class over the last three years!

Here are a few pictures I took today in the park! I didn't actually do anything for Halloween, I just wanted to see how my costume looked all together. I am dressing up again this Saturday for a costume party! :D

As some of you may know I also have a passion for photography! There was something about having my face covered in all this makeup that made me a little more comfortable than I normally am in front of a camera.

If you would like to see more of my photography you can follow my other blog! - Christopher Blake. I am currently working on a photo project called a "365." It is where I make myself take a photo every single day of the year. I post an image every day to my facebook page, but I only post on my photo-blog once a week now. I will be making a special post about my costume later tonight, though!


  1. Very cool. The hat is the perfect touch.

    1. Thank you! That hat took FOREVER to make. :D

  2. Uhhhhhh, que miedo!! jejeje, me gusta!!!
    Besos de las Malu´s,

  3. Love the face paint! I love Day of Dead with the skulls and roses.


    1. Thanks, Victoria! I love the Day of the Dead as well! Such an inspiring tradition!

  4. Well hello, Mr. G Q !!!

    Hi Blake, I can see that you put much thought into your presentation. Trust yesterday's party at your aunt's went well?

    As has been already noted, your face paint and the roses do effectively capture the "essence" of The Day of the Dead. How spiffy and sporty of you!

    You are a creative soul, sir. Hope you had a ton of fun.

    I popped over to take a look at your posted photo site while I was at it, and can definitely see your love of photography, it shows in your work.

    Are you studying photography at school, as well as Spanish?

    How many irons do you have going in your fire, Blake? Art, education, language, photography, business (your shop), hobby (the house) and pleasure (outings with family and friends). Wow! You are one busy bee, my friend.

    Question, Blake. How many egg cartons it is going to take to FINISH your fireplace "project" [both inside and out]?

    I have been saving, saving, saving egg cartons for over a year now, and I would be more than happy to "share," if it would propel your house "project" on to the next level.

    If you are interested, please feel free to email me at with a literal number of egg cartons that you need, plus a ground shipping address, and I will help you with this "need."

    I, for one, want to SEE your project spring ahead, bud!

    Why wait and subject yourself to the frustration of living without? Friends help friends. Let me hear from you, okay? : )

    1. Thank you so much! Our costume party went well! We had TONS of fun! Thank you so much! Everyone loved my costume! :)

      Hahaha and Yeah, I do tend to have TOO MANY irons in the fire- but it is how I have always been! :)

      And I am honestly not sure how many more cartons I will need. I have to more that I have started to cut the bricks from, I just have to get a few more saved up. That is very kind of you! I will email you as soon as I can!

      Thanks, again!

  5. i think your costume turned out great . YOU NAILED IT !

    1. Thank you so much! I had a TON of compliments on it and that made me so happy!