Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Assorted Halloween Donuts - Details - Halloween 2012

With Halloween among us, I decided to go all out this year with my minis! I didn't really make anything for Halloween last year and I honestly regretted that. So... to make up for that I took all of my best sellers in my shop and revamped them for the season! For this particular range I wanted to go with some fun festive Halloween colors- orange, green, and purple! 

As for these yummy little doughnuts, there are six with each order! I like to keep these at half dozens because it is a manageable amount and with two sets you easily make a dozen donuts!

I made an orange drizzle, green drizzle, and purple drizzle for each set. There is also a white iced doughnut with chocolate drizzles! And for something a little different I have white and chocolate iced doughnuts with coordinating sprinkles!

The candy, cakes, and pumpkins are being sold separately. I have yet to list the candy corn, but as soon as I do I will make a special post about them! They take SO SO long to make and I doubt they will be available in the glass jars like the jelly beans. If I decide to make them available in the jars, they will a little higher in price because it takes so so long to make them!

That being said, I just love how the candy adds so much detail when simply sprinkled across the table! Here is a little detail shot of the doughnuts. They are each about 1/3 of an inch wide- which would make them about 4 inches wide in real life. Perfect for 1:12 scale!

I REALLY hope you guys like this year's Halloween range. I worked very very hard on it! :)

As for other things that are in the works- there ARE more Halloween items coming. I just can't seem to make them fast enough! And as for The Bazaar it is still WELL underway! I took a break from the build to focus on the minis. The next few tasks on that list are to get the window frames done, the door, the wallpaper, and the brick foundation!

If you are interested in purchasing any of my 1:12 scale miniatures, please check out my Etsy.
I have just made a new Halloween section to the shop, so feel free to browse!

I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Blake, everything is so beautifully made. It's very reasonable to list the corn either higher in price or in smaller quantities, they're obviously harder to make than the single colored jelly beans. This is such a fab Halloween lineup, I think you more than compensated for not making any last year :)

    1. Thank you! Hopefully everyone will be as understanding with the candy corn! I still have yet to make a large amount because I get so stiff sitting there making them! xD Thanks, again, for your lovely words!

  2. Delicious! They look real.
    Bye Faby

    1. Thanks, Faby! Your compliments always brighten my day!